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Twonky Server 8.5

Stream multimedia content over a home or a business network
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As the name implies, Twonky Server is a solution that helps users gather multimedia content from a network and spread it across multiple devices. This utility allows users to manage media libraries of photos and videos and stream them to personal devices.

The program comes with a simple web user interface, that can be used once you register your account into the system. The tabs are user friendly and allow good control over the media files, but the rest of the GUI offers no customizations or skin themes.

The process of the server configuration goes smoothly, and once finished you'll be able to set the primary sources for the media files. Users are able to add new folders from their personal computer even if they are located on removable drives.

An important feature is represented by Aggregation, which once switched on, allows the computer that is running Twonky to perform up to three operations. It can ignore the newly found media, copy them to the main server or list the items in the navigation tree.

To conclude, Twonky Server is a utility that offers support for various multimedia formats, that users choose to stream. However, for some the price and the lack of advanced customizations can be a major drawback.

John Saunders
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  • Supports various multimedia formats
  • Performs up to three distinct operations
  • Allows configuration of primary sources


  • The price seems overpriced
  • Lacks advanced customization options
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